University Magazines

Some people might say that I’m intellectually curious. Others might think I’m nosy. No matter how you spin it, I love to learn, ask questions, and share stories.  These attributes are a great fit when writing profiles on donors, alumni, or faculty research for university publications. I enjoy taking even the most complex subjects and making them understandable and interesting to readers.

Whether I’m writing about a music professor’s exploration of the sounds created by water, a donor honoring his family’s legacy at a university, or law school alumni working in the field of intellectual property, my stories are compelling, engaging, and accessible.



I have always loved words.  From a very young age, I have found pleasure in reading books, magazines, and even the writing on the sides of cereal boxes.  Now I enjoy stringing together words to create content that engages your readers.  Websites, marketing collateral, fundraising appeals, including capital campaign case statements, newsletters, brochures, annual reports – if you need stories told or content created, I should be your go-to person.


Publication Management

Michele Lynn Communications can do it all.  Or just a little.

I work with a great team of specialists—including graphic designers, photographers, and printers—to handle your annual report, brochure, newsletter, website, or any other communications piece from start to finish. You get the best of all worlds: the personal care and commitment of a sole practitioner alongside the resources of a larger agency.

I can help develop your communications strategy and determine the best way to deliver your message.



Your story deserves to be heard by the larger world. I can help make that happen with the right combination of creativity, the perfect story angle, and the reach of social media, along with traditional broadcast outlets including radio, television, and print.



I get paid to ask questions and then craft the answers into a story that’s shared with the larger world. How cool is that?!

As a generalist interested in a wide range of topics, my work has appeared in such diverse publications as Parenting, Organic Gardening, and Sheriff & Deputy, the magazine of the National Sheriffs’ Association. I am equally comfortable writing about the arts, science, human interest stories, and lifestyle topics.


Small Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I understand your unique needs. You want someone who is responsive, offers excellent customer service, and provides the right amount of support at the right price.

With Michele Lynn Communications, you get the best of all worlds: personal and individualized service along with access to a deep bench of colleagues with whom I collaborate. I can help develop your communications strategy and determine the best way to deliver your message.

Let’s talk to discuss how we can work together to grow your business.

Digital Media

Technology has transformed how we communicate. I will help you stay on the leading edge. Whether you need copy or video for your website or a social media strategy to engage your customers, I can craft messages that resonate with your audience.


Event Organizing

My attention to detail, combined with creative ideas and a network of top-quality professionals, makes me a great project manager. I have arranged and managed open houses, conferences for 500+ attendees, fundraising dinners, press conferences, art shows, and bus tours, not to mention a sleepover birthday party for 14 12-year-old boys!

When the Orange County Partnership for Young Children wanted to create a young children’s art contest and exhibit tour, they called on me to identify and involve strategic partners, coordinate the tour, and publicize the contest and the exhibit.

I was tasked with creating the successful open house and press event for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department’s grand opening of its “Percent for Art”-funded greenhouse on the grounds of the county jail.

Fundraising case statements

I have been lucky enough to subcontract for moss+ross and Capital Development, two topnotch capital campaign firms. By carefully listening to stakeholders and doing quality research, I wrote successful case statements which raised millions of dollars for universities, hospitals, independent schools, and community organizations.


Ghost writing

I’m good at keeping secrets so I won’t tell you the names of my ghostwriting clients! Suffice it to say that I have written newspaper columns, speeches, letters, and whatever is needed by my clients, including CEOs and directors of large organizations. By listening to client input, researching the topic, and understanding the audience and the desired end result, I craft compelling copy which channels the client’s voice.

Media training

For some clients, having me secure a television interview or magazine profile is a good news/bad news situation. Getting coverage is wonderful but they now have jitters about speaking to a reporter or going on TV.  But there’s more good news – I can help! I provide tips for and training in dealing with the media to prepare you to give the interview of your dreams.


I’m afraid that I have to acknowledge that I am that person who notices typos in books and syntax errors in just about everything! The good news is that my obsessive quest for clean copy benefits your writing. I am the queen of proofreading and editing and have strengthened copy and fixed errors on web sites, books, and more newsletters and annual reports than you can imagine.